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Government Need To Revise Budgets For The Refugees

By Kasigwa Rose

Government need to revise budgets for the refugees hosting district especially for Koboko district.

The district chairperson Koboko, Hassan Nyinya  says that the influx of refugees especially from south Sudan Continue mounting pressure on the resources like health facilities, water points, and the environment at large.

Hassan Nyinya says that Government need to work together with her neighbor south Sudan to ensure that peace is restored and refugees stop flocking the country.

From 2017, Uganda has continued to respond to the refugee influx from South Sudan, with 227,224 new arrivals between 1 January and 30 April. 2017. In April 2017, UNHCR and the Office of the Prime Minister opened a new settlement at Palabek, in Uganda’s Lamwo district, to enhance reception capacity for new arrivals. More than 86 percent of new arrivals are women and children.

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