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US Envoy Regrets Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Comment

The United States Ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac has described as disturbing and upsetting, disparaging comments about immigrants from Africa, made by President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump recently made vulgar and disparaging remarks about immigration from countries in Africa and Haiti and said the U.S. should welcome more immigration from countries like Norway. He was speaking during an Oval Office meeting with lawmakers.

The meeting was discussing protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump reportedly said before suggesting that the United States should instead take in more people from countries such as Norway, and be open to more immigrants from Asian countries.

But US Ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac referred to Trump’s comments about the African Continent as unfortunate, disturbing and upsetting. She was speaking during a meeting with the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga this morning.

Kadaga had asked ambassador Malac about the meaning of comments made by President Trump in reference to African Countries.

“Its unfortunate comment, yes, obviously for people like me and many of my colleagues who have spent many years working in Africa, have many relationships and friendship across the continent. Obviously quite disturbing and upsetting as I know Africans themselves felt,” Malac said.

Malac, however, assured Kadaga that they remain engaged and committed to working, not just in Uganda, but in all the other countries on the continent and that they will continue to improve lives of Ugandans.

She added that she tries not to get distracted since they have important work to do in the country and that together with the government and the people of Uganda, they will ensure that peace continues.

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