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Parliament Urged to Pass Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities Bill 2015.

By our reporter.
Health advocates in the country are urging  parliament to pass the patients’ rights and
responsible Bill 2015 into law to enhance the relationship of a health
provider and patients.
According to Dina Apiyo from action group for health and human rights
(AGHA) one of the problems that is failing health system  is the way
health service providers and patients intract with each other
The group argues that, Uganda does not have a distinct piece of
legislation governing patients’ rights and obligations. Currently the
patients’ rights are provided for in the patients chatter under the
ministry of health .the chatter however, lacks the legal force of law,
as a result of the vacuum created by lack of legislation.
The group says there is need to have law on patients’ rights to ensure
that they are empowered to demand for quality health care services.
Some of the main objectives of the Bill are to ensure ethical
treatment of persons seeking or receiving health care, including being
treated with respect and dignity, informed about the various options
of health care available.
It also provides for the responsibilities of patients to follow the
plan of care, provide complete and accurate health information and be
accountable for the outcome if he or she refuses treatment.
Apio explains that the Bill will also push government to adhere to
Abuja declaration where all African countries are supposed to allocate
15%  of their national budgets to the health sector .
“you realize that government of Uganda is only allocating about 9% of
the national budgeted to the health sector ,but we are meant to
allocate 15% budget to the health sector ,which we have never attained
,so  with this bill we believe it shall get us there ,because
connected to it we have a campaign on  the national health insurance
Apiyo noted.”
She notes that if health insurance implemented, the health outcomes
will improve and therefore have citizens having access to quality
health services.
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