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MP Nambooze seen at Mulago Orthopedic Department

8Mukono municipality member of parliament Betty Nambooze has been transferred back to bugolobi Medical Center, after being checked by medics at the orthopedic department of mulago national referal hospital for assessment.

The MP who has been getting treatment at bugolobi Medical Center after getting injured in the fracas that ensued at parliament last month, during a debate on the amendment of article 102 (b) of the constitution of Uganda, that’s seeks to lift the removal of age limit of president.

The MP was spoted by eyewitness boarding an ambulance in mulago hospital, back to Bugolobi Medical Center.

According to eyewitness ,she was taken for  checkeup  by doctors  to see if the   condition  still requires her  to go India for specialized treatment. 


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