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More than 100 religious leaders from all sects under their mother movement, Justice and peace network have gathered in Kampala today to applaud the deputy speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanya and the legislators who are against the scrapping of the age limit for the nationalistic spirit they exhibited yesterday as the country was anxiously waiting to see them scrap article 102(b) from the constitution.

Addressing a joint news conference aading their voices to those raised early this week by IRCU, the religious leaders caution from across the country stated that article 102(b) should not be touched as it’s the only life guarantee for the future of this nation that still stands in the constitution and therefore scrapping it will definitely drive this nation into chaos.

According to Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda and the Rt. Bishop of Kitgum diocese, Walter Ochola they castigate the state security agencies for acting rough in the way they handled citizens who were trying to express their view as enshrined in the constitution and warn that such acts take back Uganda to the 70s adding that they are signals for doom for this great nation and vow not to fear as religious leaders but to continue commenting and guiding the nation on which right direction to take for a better future.

However, Sister Maria Goretie Kaahwa from Fortportal, Imam Kasozi and Sheik Muhammed Katuramu from greater Bunyoro reminded the NRM MPs and the state that they are to fight for the truth to see that this nation is saved from any roaming problems as they rallied their followers to stay firm and protect the constitution.

The clerics are now calling on every Ugandan to have true love for this great nation and always put Uganda first in everything that they do.


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