Nup Launches Kyagulanyi’s Presidential Campaign Poster

Nup Launches Kyagulanyi’s Presidential Campaign Poster

National Unity Platform (NUP) has today launched their presidential candidate official and new poster that will be used in the coming presidential campaigns.

The new poster with a new slogan “A new Uganda”, Kyagulanyi is wearing a blue suit, white shirt and red tie. Colors representing the party’s gestated official colors. The same poster has the Uganda flag and the word president with the usual slogan “people power- our power.”

Speaking at the launch of the launch of the poster today at NUP head offices in Kamwokya the party spokesperson Joel Senyonyi confirmed that the posters will be placed in strategic locations in and around Kampala, upcountry and warn security organs against the continued acts of defacing Hon. Kyagulanyi’s posters.

The party has strongly condemned security and the NRM for orchestrating acts of defacing their presidential aspirant’s posters and all NUP candidates across the country.

Meanwhile the NRM has also started unveiling various campaign packages ahead of the official launch of their party manifesto.

The NRM will be launching their manifesto after their presidential candidates is nominated by the electoral commission on 2nd November 2020.

Brand new Toyota hiace taxis (Drones) has been showcased and are to be used to run mobilization campaigns for the party among other party activities geared at canvasing votes that will see the incumbent Y.K.Museveni regain power.

Uganda is expected to go to the polls next starting February with MPs and Local government positions.


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