No Need For Lock Down.Traders, As Bouncers Call For Opening Of Events

Traders in Kampala under thier umbrella body Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) says it’s not necessary to call for second lockdown instead government punish those who have failed to compile with Covid-19 SOPs.

This comes after the various allegations that there is arrangements of calling for a second lockdown due to increased affected people case and deaths of Covid-19 in the country.

Thaddeus Musoke the Secretary General of KACITA during the press conference today said that lockdown is not the best alternative given the way other countries like USA , Germany and others hard hit areas managed to live with virus and most African countries have also embracing living with the virus so even Uganda can do copy than opting for second lockdown which comes with different social economic problems.

Musoke adds that all those personalities and arcades that not comply be held accountable strongly by the enforcement which include Army, police and KCCA together with many other stakeholders than letting traders to suffer again because even last time government failed to intervene in traders issues like loans, Rent and others which affected them.

He has wants people and landlords who have failed to follow SOPs to be the target for both government and general public to stop second lockdown occurrence.
In another development, bouncers and promoters have come out strong to ask government to free their activities so that they can resume business.

The entertainment sector in Uganda faced the fast closure as the country was starting to enforce COVID 19 lock down measures and since then, they have not got back into action and a good number of them have consistently cried out to government for financial support during the five months lock down.

The president is expected to address the nation tomorrow and very many ugandans anticipate that he might announce a second lock down and this has risen people’s fears.




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